Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Nutrient food testing.

 Our aim is to find out what nutrients are present in different foods.

Test foods - Hypothesis:

  • Egg - I think a Egg will have proteins in it.
  • Milk -  I Think Milk is a complex sugar and has protein.
  • Apple - I think a Apple will have complex sugars in it.
  • Bread - I think Bread will be a complex sugar.
  • Potato - I think potatoes are a complex sugar and have protein.
  • Sugar - I think Sugar is a simple sugar.  
Method for complex sugar:
  1. We put the food in the test tubes.
  2. Then we put two drops of glucose in each food.
  3. Then we waited to see what colour it would turn to determine if it is a simple or complex sugar.
Method for simple sugar:
  1. We put the food in the tubes.
  2. Then we added 5 drops of Benedict.
  3. waited for them to change colours.
Results for simple sugar -  

  • Glucose - Glucose is a simple sugar.
  • Apple - Apples have simple sugars.
  • Potato - The Potato has a little bit of simple sugars.
  • Eggs - Eggs are not a simple sugar.
  • Bread - Bread is not a simple sugar.
  • Milk -  Milk is not a simple sugar.

Results for Complex sugar - 
  • Eggs - Eggs are  a complex sugar .
  • Bread - Bread is a complex sugar.
  • Milk - Milk is  a complex sugar.
  • Potato - Potatoes are a complex sugar.
  • Apple - Apples are a complex sugar.
  • Glucose - Glucose is not a complex sugar.
Protein method:
  1. Place the food in the test tubes.
  2. Place 2 ML of the sample into a test tube and add 5 drops of sodium hydroxide.
  3. Add 5 drips of copper sulfate.
  4. shake the test tube gently side to side.
Findings - 
  • Apple - Has no protein in it,  it stayed blue.
  • Potato - Has no protein in it,  it stayed blue.
  • Glucose - Has no protein in it,  it stayed blue.
  • Bread - Has no protein in it,  it stayed blue.
  • Egg - Has protein in it.
  • Milk - Has protein in it. 
Conclusion - 
My hypothesis was close, I was correct about Egg and Milk having protein and Complex sugars in them, I was right saying that Glucose and Apples are simple sugars and that Bread and Potato's are complex sugars.
Discussion - 
I learnt that Potatos and Bread dont have protein.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Metal work - Safety signs

For the last couple of weeks we have been creating and designing a sign the sign has to be one that is unique and that u think should be in a work shop if not already. There is three types of signs that we could chose out of Hazard, prohibited and mandatory, The sign I  chose to make is a hazard sign, the meaning for my sign is NO smoking because there is always fumes in the work shop and smoking would just be deadly. But before started to design our signs we done a couple other activities we had to make a blog post explaining some of the obvious signs you find in a work shop we also had to explain what the signs mean so we get a better idea of what we could make.

This is my sign -

Monday, 24 February 2020

NZ native animals.

Our task was to create a learning DLO about a New Zealand native animal, our main goal was to teach others about the animal that we had chosen, Isaac and myself chose to make my DLO about the Kea.  Another point of us doing this was to work in a group that we haven't worked in before, we did this do learn to work with others and to be resilient without working with your friends.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Health Hauora

What is Whare tapu wha? and what is it about? 
Whare tapu wha is the the four walls of Hauora, Hauora is your personal well being, the four walls of Hauora have meanings which are - Taha tinana/ Physical, Taha wairua/ Spiritual, Taha hinegaro/ Mental and emotional, and Taha whanua/ Social.
Today I think I participated well this lesson because I was focused, I was answering questions and I was working well with my group well being respectful to others.
My Hauora is good I always feel positive, I feel good and I have a good relationship with my school peers, Friends and family.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Wonder - Film study

Intro - Close - up,
spaceman jumping into the shot, slow-motion shot to give the feeling that we are in space....
- Intro symbol of the Astronaut helmet, covers his face, represents the barrier August puts between himself & the world.
- Music- starts quiet, slow but the tempo & dynamics increase to build energy in the scene. We hear a radio of ground control talking to the Astronaut.
- The next camera shot is a tracking shot as we move away from the figure. Who is now a boy in a helmet bouncing on his bed.
-  Close-up shows us Auggies "Reality" or view of the world but as we pull back we see the real world.

1st Narrator  - Auggie
2nd Narrator - Via
3rd Narrator - Jack will
4th Narrator - Miranda
Last Narrator - Auggie

Quotes -
Dad/Nate - "Its like leading a lamb to slaughter"
Summer -  " When being given the choice between being right or kind, choose kind"

2 minutes in - Building suspense as we still haven't seen the boys face. We don't know whats wrong, but the hints are bad - Hospital scene, Helmet, Tags, School conversation, Auggies dialogue in the voice over.

1st significant  scene - Auggie meets Jack will, Julian, and Charlotte.

Star Wars -
 A symbol of Auggie wanting people to treat him him normally - A safe place. In the star wars universe there a lots of weird looking people so no one stares at them
Scenes -  Auggie introduces him self,

PE - Long jump/High jump

Today we practised and learnt the correct steps to long jump. These are the steps that we learnt -

  1. Run up is 21 steps
  2. Take off will be from the second marker
  3. Land will be measured from the back of thee foot/heal
  4. land with both feet together
  5. if you are over the second mark when jump it will be called as a fowl jump. 
My length for my jump was 3.8 metres.

A couple of days ago we also practised High jump the main thing we practised was the frosbury flop, these are the steps that we learnt.
  1. Land with your arms and your feet facing up and land on you back.
  2. When you take off it should be on one foot.
  3. when you leave the ground you must spin around and use your knee to turn.
The height that i jumped for height jump was 1 metre and 60 inhces.

Bio poem - 2020

We have been writing and creating a bio poem that represents us the only thing was we had to copy of a template, this is the template we used to get our ideas-

First name
3 describing words
Sibling of/child of
Who loves
Who feels
Who needs
Who gives
Who fears
Who would like to
Who is from

This is the slides that we all made our bio poem on: