Thursday, 24 September 2020

business and enterprise.

 Yesterday was our market day for business and enterprise.

My group Paea, Bryce, Mitchell and me where selling our wheat bags that we had made. The prices of our Wheat bags where X-Large For $10, Large $8, Medium $3, Small $1. To start of the day we went to our class where we were making our product and got all our equipment ready to be sold, next we took our table, poster and all of the wheat bags to our area where we were selling them.

As we all finished getting ready we were told to go to the green area to listen to an announcement that Mr Scott had to make. Mr Scott told us what we had to do to make our day successful and rules we need to follow to stay safe and to keep our customers safe.  

At the end my group and I were happy with the result that we got because we made a profit of $156.50 by selling our wheat bags. 

Our group would also like to thank Mr scotts parents for donating us our wheat so we could make are products.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Business & Enterprise.

For the last couple of weeks we have been doing Business & Enterprise, which is where we have a market day and all of the groups make something to sell. My group is called Creative Comfort and in my group is Bryce, Paea, Mitchell and Me and we are making wheat bags. Lately we have been getting all of our fabrics, patterns and designs ready and sought out so we can get straight to making are products. Our next steps are to start making our wheat bags to finish of our advertising and to get all of our supply's ready, I'm excited for market day because I cant wait to see how our product sells.

Large Kiwi Wheat Bag - Bespoke Physiotherapy & Health

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Government structure

 Today in class we had to create a poster on the government structure, this is the poster I created.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Inclusiveness - Judgement & labels

Today during class we have been learning about judgement against others and putting labels on others. 

This is my slide show on inclusiveness this slide includes all the work we have been doing. 

Friday, 28 August 2020

Writing challenge - Geri's game

Yesterday we started to write a script on a little film called Geri's game but the twist was there was no talking so we had to write a script on the film imagining what they would be saying.

Geri was sitting at the local community park enjoying the sun and playing a game of chess.  He was setting up the game when he released he had no one to verse so he compromised and versed himself, but what he didn't know was it would turn out to be a very tense game.

Geri-1 -Are you ready to lose?

Geri-2 - Hahahah funny one.

Geri-1 - your turn.

Geri - slowly walking of to the other side of the table....

Ger-2 - Alright.

Times going by and Geri-1  is losing by alot and the game is getting more and more tense

Geri-1 Fakes a heart attack and when he stands up he quickly spins the board.

Geri-1 - Hahahha

Geri-2 - What the?

Geri-1 makes the king fall over so he ended up winning.

Geri-1 Hahhah hand them over.

Geri-2 - Fine.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Growth mindset.

 For the past week we have been completing a growth mindset slides.  These are the slides that we have been working on and completing.


Friday, 21 August 2020

Evaporation experiment.

This week during science we have been learning about evaporation.Evaporation is when a liquid is turned into a gas.

Aim:The aim is to Evaporate copper sulfate(Blue Liquid) and to separate the liquid

-Copper sulfate solution
-250m Beaker
-Heat proof mat
-Evaporating basin

Method:Set up element,Add 100ml of hot water to the beaker and place on the element,the add copper sulfate to the evaporating basin until it is quarter full,Then carefully place the evaporating basin on top of the beaker,
next we turned the element up to 6 then we heated the solution until most of the solvent has been evaporated and crystals of solute are forming.Then finally turn off the element.